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Dive Sites

Pearl Diving

Bahrain is blessed with well over
400 square miles of fertile oyster beds
spread over approximately 14 major pearling grounds
that have been harvested for thousands of years
of recorded history.

Fasht al Adham

A large shallow reef situated  approximately
5 miles off the east coast of Bahrain
providing ideal snorkelling, scuba training and novice diver sites.
Easily the most sheltered local dive site.

Fifi Wreck

A small tugboat wreck located on the northern
perimeter of Fasht al Adham
offering a surprising variety of marine life and interesting
night diving. By far the most popular dive site,
Aquatique also has a mooring positioned at this location

Caisson Wreck

Located some 20 nautical miles east of Bahrain,
this concrete and steel structure boasts a myriad
of fish species that thrive above and within its framework.

Various Wrecks

Planes, ships and barges can be dived around Bahrain
though visibility at most of these sites is weather and tide
dependent. Grouper, snapper and barracuda abound
and a variety of soft corals call these wrecks home.

Abu Thalma

Approximately 45 nautical miles northeast  of Bahrain,
this coral coated pinnacle offers excellent drift diving
and some of the most prolific marine life in the Gulf.
Rays, moray eels, crayfish, trigger fish, clown fish, turtles,
and sturgeon fish inhabit the reef while mackerel, cobia,
tuna and barracuda cruise above.

Fasht Najwah

50 nautical miles north of Bahrain, Najwah is endowed with
the most Indo-Pacific fish species typically found in the Red Sea,
Maldives and Great Barrier Reef. Fed by a cool upwelling from
the surrounding depths, Najwah is naturally the
discerning diver's choice.

Fed by a cool upwelling from the
surrounding depths, Najwah is
a rendezvous for whalesharks and is
the natural choice for the discerning
diver / photographer.

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